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Zen Bedrooms Reviews

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  • Zen Bedrooms Mattress defective dont buy!!!

    I bought the memory foam cool gel mattress. When it came in i opened the box and the mattress would not expand.I contacted customer service via email because there is no telephone number available anywhere for this company!!! They emailed a service ticket emailed to me from customer service. It stated it can take up to three or four days to expand! Well it has been 3 months and it still has not expanded. After a couple of emails stating i would like a replacement they stopped responding to my emails. I then emailed and asked for a refund and again no response! I then did a credit card... More...
    jmcap's Picture   jmcap    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad shipping, good customer service

    Only hesitation in buying an all-seasons comforter from Zen Bedrooms via Groupon was the customer reviews. It's true that whatever you order will take 2-4 weeks, likely 4 if it's a sale item or they screw it up. They screwed it up the first time - sent a mattress instead of the comforter - and corrected the order and sent the comforter eventually. So if you're willing to wait a month for whatever bedding stuff you need, it's worth the cheap price and good quality. The Zen Bedrooms customer service was friendly and apologetic as well. More...
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    asdfjkl's Picture   asdfjkl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Zen Bedrooms - mattress received is nothing like advertised product

    I purchased a gel memory foam mattress from Zen Bedrooms after getting advice from their customer service about firmness levels. I have slept on memory foam before, as well as on high density foam mattresses, and have found both of them quite comfortable. The mattress I received is like sleeping on a table - no cushiness, no give, no comfort. I have contacted Zen Bedrooms and complained and their response was "I would like to confirm that the correct Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress was delivered to you!" That's it. I have spent a significant sum of money on a mattress... More...
    EmilieMcVey's Picture   EmilieMcVey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Zen's cool gel foam mattress

    Thank you for this web site! I just purchased the newer model of Zen's memory foam beds. The cool gel memory foam mattress, that sounded interesting as a diversified version of their popular luxury foam beds. I purchased it on Groupon at an amazing price and look forward to trying a foam mattress for the first time. After reading FB and MeasuredUp website reviews, I'm concerned about the delivery process and making sure I receive the " full bed " that I ordered. Working long hours and I want to recive an email confirmation of the day the mattress will be... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • ZEN may be a scam and I may be out over $500

    Unless you are always home and ready to stay there for your mattress to be delivered, I would not buy from this company. This is in regards to customer service%u2014their products could be great but I may not find out... In short, although I contacted them multiple times to try and schedule a delivery time, I received no word about my delivery until THE DAY OF when I was on my way to work and I now I have idea if my stuff will be stolen when I get back or what (I just moved into a new building in NYC and have no doorman). I repeatedly asked them to call me and I tried to call them and IT... More...
    akallenb's Picture   akallenb    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delivery late, mattress torn and dirty

    I purchased a Groupon for a voucher worth 400 dollars for a 1700 bed. I purchased an upgrade for an innerspring as well, with shipping costs. I received an email the day after I ordered the bed saying instead of the 6 to 12 days for delivery it was going to take 4 weeks. Had I known that I would have cancelled. I was not adequately kept updated as to the time of delivery and on the date specified the bed was "not on the truck" adding an extra 4 days delivery time. When the mattress arrived it was torn in 3 places and filthy because it was shipped single-wrapped in thin plastic. I... More...
    Ltcavazos's Picture   Ltcavazos    1 Comments   Comments
  • Zen bedrooms, not so Zen

    Just received my Foam top Mattress from Zen after 8 weeks ! Bed 5 stars, customer service -4 stars. They lied to me, got me to upgrade with a "your order is shipping soon still time to upgrade" to find out it put an additional 4 weeks on my order. I tried to complain and got a "sorry" response, that is it. Also, complained to Living Social about it and got another "sorry" response and dropped them also. It is too bad, I love the mattress but won't do business with liars ! More...
    ohkeeks's Picture   ohkeeks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sort problems quickly and efficiently

    I ordered a memory foam mattress topper from Zen bedrooms to breathe some extra life into my current mattress. Though I experienced a few issues with my tracking codes, their customer service team were all very helpful and friendly, meaning that my problem was quickly resolved. When my topper did arrive, I was excited to open it and get it set up on my mattress! My sleep has significantly improved since sleeping on it and whilst it does not magic away all my problems, it definitely has helped! More...
    alewis07's Picture   alewis07    0 Comments   Comments
  • Memory Foam Mattress from Zen Bedrooms

    I purchased my first memory foam product from Zen Bedrooms in December, ready for the New Year. I wasn't so sure which product to go for as my bed is hand made and so the sizing is a usually a little off so I decided to give them a call to see if they could help figure it out. Well the customer care staff were great! They helped me decide on the best size memory foam mattress for my frame and assured me that if there were any issues I could exchange. A really pleasant interaction and a wonderful purchase, thank you! More...
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    sambasue's Picture   sambasue    0 Comments   Comments
  • Zen Bedrooms sent wrong product

    I ordered a memory foam mattress from zen bedrooms back in Novemeber, but unfortunately they sent me a memory foam mattress topper. It looks like the error was on my part and I accidentally ordered a memory foam mattress topper instead of a memory foam mattress (oops!) but Zen Bedrooms was very understand and fixed the situation. I spoke to Nelly at the HelpDesk who organized for the mattress topper to be picked up and the memory foam mattress to be re-delivered to my apartment. Very easy and nice of them! I paid a small deliviery fee (and obviously the difference in price between teh... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • good deal

    I bought a Zen Bedrooms memory foam mattress (luxury) after seeing an online groupon deal. I was nervous at first because I have received some questionable products from groupon businesses before so I was nervous to buy again but I bit the bullet and am glad I did. This is definitely not a groupon "scam" and is actually really really good! The mattress itself is high quality. Customer service were very kind and helped me pick my product. The website looks very professional, although a bit slow. I am glad I purchased from them. An amazing deal! More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    louisa22's Picture   louisa22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Zen bedrooms mattress

    I bought a memory foam mattress from Zen Bedrooms on December 28th. I received it about a week later on January 3rd. The quality of the mattress is unbeatable, though it was strange to watch it inflate. I have to admit though it was much easier for setting up than a standard mattress. The top if very soft and comfortable. So far it has been amazing and supportive, without out sagging and letting me roll to the middle which is my main concern. I'm looking forward to many more nights of great sleep! More...
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    Brador's Picture   Brador    0 Comments   Comments
  • great memory foam mattress

    never going back to a "regular" mattress again! I used to sleep on a spring mattress with a feather topper. Over the years the springs have gotten creaky and sag, while the mattress topper has gotten flat and compact. I've gotten rid of both altogether and have never slept better. I don't feel like I'm slowly rolling towards the middle all night (like I had before) and my hips feel better (I think the compact feather made for a harder surface than my mattress!) In particular, my right hip is sooo much better. I usually sleep on that side so I think all the... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    davidlyon459's Picture   davidlyon459    0 Comments   Comments

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DrDrew says: (7 years ago)
I ordered my mattress without taking in consideration I would be moving house and gave them the wrong address. Zen Bedrooms were really helpful and fixed the error. Thank you!

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